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The Perfect Blend Shortbread Company is located in a lovely, 162-year old brick building located between the Main Street National Historic District and the Cornell College National Historic District within Mount Vernon, Iowa. For over 20 years we have been making our special shortbread cookies for our customers and tourists who love to visit our picturesque village.

Although our original recipe is used for our “classic” or “traditional” shortbread, we have over the years developed some new flavors. We have added extracts, brown sugar, spices, herbs, dried fruits, whole grain mixtures, and chocolate to our basic recipe, producing delicious new flavors.

Traditionally, Scottish shortbread is a good luck token and a delicious treat for all ages. We use the perfect blend of flour, butter, sugar and salt to make our delicious shortbread cookies. They are cut in triangular shapes and packaged in tins or boxes.

 CALL TO ORDER:  319-895-6862